Originally from Tolleson, Arizona, Jacey Flames is an up and coming artist in Phoenix, Arizona. His musical content touches on a wide variety of subjects including overcoming personal struggles & self reflection. In 2018 Flames released his first album entitled “Good Vibes” and in 2021 he is expected to release his 2nd album titled “Heaven.Drowning”. The artist says that this album will be very personal and have a deeper meaning to the reason that he makes music.

Although he began making music under the name “The Anonomis” in 2016. Initially focused primarily on the Hip-Hop music genre, Flames began experimenting with new sounds and samples.


He later rebranding himself as “Jacey Flames” in early 2018. He then branched off into Pop & R&B, coining the new sub-genre R&Pop or R&B influenced Pop. Now a growing artist in the scene, Flames has recently branched out to other artists to also produce and lend his vocals for hooks in Phoenix’s rising music scene.

Today, he focuses on experimenting with his sound through production and song writing in every which way that he can. So far venturing into such genres as; Soul, R&B and even Pop. Jacey remains pure to the art of music and explains his struggles in each one of his songs. Listen above to his “Latest Releases” or you can even support and purchase his merchandise. Just click on the “Shop” tab and you can search through his merchandise and more!

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Flawed.But Trying by Jacey Flames

Flawed.But Trying

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Good Vibes Album by Jacey Flames

Good Vibes

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