The following was written on Jacey Flames on Hype Influencer. Hyper Influencer is a website that is dedicated to entrepreneurs and influencers from around the globe. The website focuses on the up and coming artist from Arizona as a way to shed light on the influencers in music and entertainment this month of May 2020.

“It is often said that it is very rare for one to start from the bottom up with little to no help and start to make a buzz just from pure talent. The perseverance of Jacey Flames and his experience of the local scene has defined the odds. Acting as his own manager, touring agent, and marketing director, plus artist, Flames has is currently doing it all. Allowing for others to follow in his footsteps and independently take their careers into their own hands, Jacey has helped paved the way for the music scene in Arizona.

Raised In A Small Town

Flames grew up in Tolleson, Arizona. A small town just outside of Phoenix and to the west of the bigger cities. In the outskirts of even the center hub of Tolleson, Flames grew up with his family in the country side to be specific. In an acre of just farm land and animals, Flames took to music to serve as an outlet for those just like him who felt as if they had no voice. Aside from the rare experiences of growing up in a small town in Tolleson, Flames has often expressed in interviews that he has felt like the industry has brushed over Arizona completely.

Influence & Inspiration

The inspiration of listening to such southern and west coast artists as; 2pac, DJ Quik, Goodie Mob, Outkast and more gave Jacey fuel to tell a story that is very unfamiliar to most. “The culture of Arizona is just different. It’s a different vibe, a different story, a different juxtaposition from such big states around us and we have a voice as well! you know?” Flames continued, “I talk about not only personal issues in my music, but I also lend an ear to those who are just like me. Those who have felt overlooked, not heard, marginalized, taken for granted and things like that.”

His Music & Streams

After the release of his last album titled “Good Vibes” and two EPs (on Jacey Flames Soundcloud), Flames has received many looks from the local scene and even in the city of Phoenix. Gaining over 97,000 plays and streams from his last two EPs and album combined, Flames has made waves in Arizona and in the surrounding states as an influencer in music. He has not only inspired so far with such songs as; “The Upside“, “Liquor Dreams” and “Growth“, but he’s also lended his help to those suffering from the global pandemic of the Coronavirus as of recently. Donating his time and money for many causes, Flames has also launched a campaign in 2020 titled “H.O.P.E. (Hear Out People’s Energy)” that sheds light on those are going through any kind of turmoil or hard times.

Acting as a voice, Jacey vows to always give back to the communities and Arizona as he is continuing to build his music career independently. Even referring to his fans as “Flamilia”, Jacey Flames dedicates his music to act as an outlet for anyone who has ever felt socially excluded or misunderstood. He hopes to always help aid the pain that anyone may be feeling at the moment. Suffering in the past from such mental struggles with anxiety and depression, Jacey says he knows what it feels to be excluded and misunderstood. Offering more than understanding and empathy, Flames is aiming to one day start his own label and help other artists in Arizona.”